Conquest of Paradise

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 Conquest of Paradise is a game of empire building in the "Polynesian Triangle" of the central Pacific Ocean for two, three, or four players. Players explore the unknown ocean around them, hoping to discover the most lucrative island groups, and colonize them. They build canoes and train warriors to create a force to defend their empire, while forging lines of communication with their developing discoveries. Resources are scarce; using them wisely is a key to victory. Investing in exploration widens your empire. Building warriors strengthens your empire. Investing resources into cultural innovations can yield unexpected dividends, like tattooing, hula dancing, surfing, or even the giant moai statues of Easter Island fame.

Game Components
o One 34" x 22" color game map of the Pacific Ocean, spanning from Australia to America
o 176 colorful 5/8" game pieces depicting Polynesian warriors, canoes, and colonists
o 140 additional 1/2" game markers, representing Polynesian villages, intensive agriculture, and discovered islands
o 28 Discovery Tiles, depicting Polynesian island groups
o 27 illustrated cultural innovations cards
o One player's manual with examples of play, advanced rules, player's notes, designer's notes, historic references, and just four pages of rules
o Four 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" player reference cards
o One six-sided dice

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