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Colonia in the Middle Ages is the largest city of the Holy Roman Empire. Being one of Europe's metropolises it is renowned for its famous cathedrals and vivid trade.

In this game the players are the leaders of patrician families, holding influential positions in the Colonia City Council and controlling the city's fortune.

These are the best opportunities to gain riches and power. A crucial element in achieving this goal is the powerful Roman Catholic Church, as was the case frequently in those days.

Rare and precious relics enhance the prestige and influence of the Church. The player who can obtain the most valuable relics will achieve victory!


  • 1 game board (8 pieces)
  • 16 Ships and 60 Goods tiles
  • 90 Resources
  • 6 wooden emblem markers
  • 6 small wooden bars
  • 228 wooden cubes in 6 colors
  • 132 playing cards
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 1 die
  • 6 Screens
  • 1 set of money
  • 1 rules leaflet (English, German)
  • 1 supplemental sheet (English, German)


  • Players: 3 - 6
  • Time: 120 minutes
  • Ages: 12 and up

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