Catan Dice Game

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Roll, Play, and Settle!

Complete with six colorful resource dice, the dice game version of The Settlers of Catan also involves building settlements, roads, cities, and knights. But, you won't be placing any pieces made of wood or plastic on the map. Instead, each player will record these actions on the provided paper sheets which depict a map of the island. To produce resources players roll the resource dice, which have six resources, one on each side of the die, including gold as well!

The Catan Dice Game is a great way to experience Catan quickly or on-the-go. The game is small and portable so it can be taken with you practically anywhere. It is also a great game to pass the time in between games of the Catan board and card games. The Catan Dice Game can also be played all by yourself, in case you want to experience Catan even when no opponent is present! Most importantly, the Catan Dice Game is a fun and new way to experience The Settlers of Catan.

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