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 A game of tunnels, turnips, and tourists.

Players are gopher ranchers trying to build their own warren of burrows to attract all three types of gophers. Form burrows ofthree different colors, trying to complete ones that are bigger than existing ones so that the gopher gets lured and stays by you. But a larger burrow will lure it away!

Every once in a while a tour bus will arrive and the tourists will be most excited to see the types of gophers promised to them by their tour schedule. If your ranch is missing those particular gophers, you'll get complaints from the tourists! And of course the winner is the one with the fewest complaints.

A fun tile-laying game where you make connections to form burrows.

Contents: 80 burrow tiles, 5 ranch boards, 12 wooden gophers, 24 schedule pages, bus stand up and bus track, rules.

  • No. of players: 2-5
  • Ages: 10+

read the rules (pdf)

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