Battlelore Creatures

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Creatures from the darkest corners of the realm strike out against their opponents with horrible new attacks that can kill with a single blow. Keep your guard up when fighting with the beasts of BattleLore: Creatures.

Wood Giant
The Wood Giant is a variant Creature based on the promo-only Hill Giant figure with a new lair and new abilities. This Green Banner Creature attacks enemies from afar with a flurry of logs hurled from any forest on the battlefield.

Rock Elemental
Like the Wood Giant, the Rock Elemental is based on a figure (Earth Elemental) that was formerly only able to be obtained by special promotion. The Rock Elemental is a Red Banner Creature that is able to be summoned via a Magic Vortex to almost anywhere on the battlefield.

The Hydra is a totally new Blue Banner Creature that gets more powerful when it is damaged. As its multiple heads take hits, they are removed and possibly replaced by even more heads. With an attack based on the number of heads the Creature currently has, the Hydra is a fearsome foe indeed.

BattleLore: Creatures Expansion includes;

  • 3 Unique Creature Figures, Wood Giant, Hydra with 6 interchangeable head/neck pieces, Rock Elemental
  • 3 Creature Banners
  • A Rules Booklet, including 4 new adventures
  • 2 Landmark Tiles
  • 7 Web Tokens
  • 7 Poison Tokens
  • 1 Conjure Token
  • 7 Cards, 1 Tactics Card, 4 Creature Summary Cards, 2 Landmark Summary Cards

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