Battleground: Men of Hawkshold reinforcement deck

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The Men of Hawkshold are Battleground’s first human army.  The Hawks, as they are commonly known, are well-trained and highly disciplined.  As General of a Hawk army, you have a broad range of infantry troops at your disposal, ranging from inexpensive (but highly unreliable) peasant mobs to foot knights with sword and shield or two-handed greatswords.  Your pikemen are particularly skilled at fighting enemy cavalry and large monsters and your longbowmen are without peer as ranged attackers.  You also have the widest range of cavalry units, from lightning-fast scouts to knights in plate mail astride barded warhorses.

The Hawk army’s special ability is Bravery – you inspire your troops to fight even when death seems imminent.  For one command action you can increase a unit’s courage by three.  Bravery lasts until the unit rolls above its base courage during a rout check.


Advanced Rulebook
Bowmen (5)
Great Swordsmen (3)
Heavy Infantry (3)
Light Cavalry (3)
Longbowmen (3)
Militia (6)
Peasant Mob (5)
Scouts (3)
Spearmen (4)
Swordsmen (5)
Knights (4)
Pikemen (6)

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