Battleground: Lizardmen reinforcement deck

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Our Price: £10.99

A menagerie of fearsome reptiles awaits your bidding. Lizardmen of all sizes and deadly dinosaurs allow you to impose your will on the battlefield.

As the leader of the Lizardmen you may give your units Fury.  A unit with Fury has +1 courage as it anticipates the coming battle.  If that unit deals two or more damage during an attack you may erase the Fury to do an additional point of damage.


Hatchlings (5)
Raptor Pack (3)
Swarmling Bowmen (4)
Swarmling Warriors (4)
Triceratops Herd (3)
Tyrant Spearmen (4)
Tyrant Warriors (4)
Trog Bowmen (5)
Trog Spearmen (4)
Trog Warriors (5)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (3)
Ancients (2)

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