Battleground: High Elves starter deck

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Our Price: £10.99

Centuries of training have produced a lethal High Elf army ready to take the field. Gleaming chariots, deadly scorpion bolt-throwers, powerful battlemages, and masterful warriors with magic swords are ready for your orders.


Basic Rulebook
Command Cards (
Reference Cards (2)
Cygnets (2)
Elder-Blade Battle Squad (1)
Elder-Blade Rangers (1)
Elder-Blade Swordsmen (1)
High Elf Archers (2)
High Elf Battlemages (1)
High Elf Battle Squad (2)
High Elf Chariots (2)
High Elf Knights (1)
High Elf Rangers (1)
High Elf Scorpions (1)
High Elf Spearmen (1)
High Elf Swordsmen (2)

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