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Bakong invites you to embody an adventurous quest of finding emeralds in the Cambodian jungle. In this adventurous game, the players are audacious adventurers that look for emeralds in the heart of the Cambodian jungle. They will have to avoid the traps that stand in their way, all the while filling their gem pouches before being able to enter the temple of Bakong that holds the most precious of gems...As well as the most cursed! But be careful for once the loot has been harvested, it will be necessary for you to return to camp quickly!


• 24 jungle tiles;
• 1 camp tile;
• 1 Bakong temple tile;
• 6 rucksack counters;
• 6 adventurer counters;
• 2 six-sided dice;
• 6 large emeralds;
• 20 small emeralds(x3)
• 20 small emeralds(x1)
• 12 "ouch" counters;
• 2 sets of 8 items Bakong temple tile;
• 1 "first one back" counter;
• Rulebook.

For: 8 years and up
About: 30 minutes and more
Number of Players: 2 to 5 players

read the rules (pdf 1.4 mb)