Axis & Allies Miniatures North Africa 1940-1943 Dozen Booster Pack

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Roll Across the Desert to Victory!

North Africa is on fire. Pillars of black smoke swallow the sun. Armies charge through ancient lands, blazing a path of destruction.

And a Desert Fox is on the loose...

This March, Avalon Hill bolsters your armies to do battle across the desert battlefields of the North African campaign. With 60 pre-painted detailed miniatures, this exciting game will let players recreate historical battles or go head-to-head in competitive skirmishes raging across massive 20”x 30” battle maps.

Axis and Allies Miniatures North Africa 1940-1943 Booster Set:

  • 60 detailed models of infantry, tanks, artillery, and aircraft
  • Famous units like the German 88, English Matilda, and US M10 Wolverine
  • Debut of trucks and commander tanks
  • Prepainted, durable plastic—fully assembled and ready to play out of the box

Each Booster Pack contains 5 prepainted plastic miniatures with stat cards.

Contains 12 booster packs at a special price!

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